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It’s supperclub.tube’s 7th Birthday!

  • 16 April 2020

It’s supperclub.tube’s 7th birthday and over the past week we have been celebrating online as we aren’t able to do so on board.

We thought we’d carry on these celebrations through this blog post for bring you some more fun supperclub.tube facts, photo’s and the chance to win two seats to dine with us!

7 Fun Facts of supperclub.tube

1 – supperclub.tube is based at Walthamstow Pumphouse Museum that houses the1967 Victoria Line tube carriage we use to host our evenings! This place is FULL history and if transport is your thing, we definitely recommend you give their website a read!

2 – supperclub.tube has been running for 7 years (which we might have already mentioned) however, current owners Nick and Bea took over this project in early 2018. Since then it has been given a new lease of life with Bea’s colourful cooking which brings tastes from all over Latin America!


Here’s an example of some of our beautiful ceviche dishes!

3 – Our menu changes regularly but one of the vibrant dishes that keeps making a comeback is our Ceviche course. Over the past few years Bea has switched up this traditional dish by using a number of different ingredients. Cod, pollock, salmon, trout, as well as incorperating shellfish such as clams and mussels. Along with the incredible mix of chillies and lime this dish is a firm favourite of both the guests and ourselves! Not to mention, the sensational vegetarian and vegan ceviche that has been a staple on our menus, comprising of mango marinated in the classic ceviche mixture.

4 – As mentioned in a previous blog, our welcome drink of a Negroni has become quite iconic to on board the tube. Not only is this one of owner Nick’s favourite drinks but it is also the that is served across many of his culinary ventures. For example, before supperclub.tube there was The Elmore Jam which was a supper club for around 20 people hosted in Nick’s very own front room. Again, the Negroni was the drink of choice, the main reason being its punchiness, which is perfect for an icebreaker drink.

5 – Since ending its service, the interior of the tube train has mostly remained untouched. You can still find original TFL signage and advertisements for events such as the 2012 London Olympic Games.

6 – There has however been come techy adjustments made to the tube. For example, although the tube is stationary the automatic doors are still in use and can be opened by the flick of a leaver. There is also a newly installed dimming light system which does away with the typical harsh lighting of the tube and creates the perfect ambience for a dinner party!

7 – Finally, overall in 2019 we welcomed 2,891 lovely guests on board to experience supperclub.tube and we can’t wait to welcome thousands more in the years to come!