The train

The 1967 carriage

All the original features have been retained, adding to the authenticity of the experience. Three nights a week, the tube carriage is transformed into a restaurant, complete with tables, linens, fine silverware and delicious food and its doors are opened to welcome up to thirty five guests.

The world's first fully automatic underground railway

The Victoria Line was the world’s first fully automatic underground railway. The 1967 stock features ‘ATO’ or Automatic Train Operation which is essentially a computer driving. The 67-stock is almost identical to the 72-stock still used on the Bakerloo line today.

supperclub on a tube Victoria Line carriage

The supperclub carriage

The tube carriage is a 1967 tube stock ‘DM’ unit. ‘DM’ for driving motor.  This is indicated by the red front (notice how the other cab has a blue and white front). The carriage was built by Metro-Cammell and went into service in 1968.

Eating on a tube train

Unique seating

The carriage is somewhat unique in that some of the short seats facing each other were shrunk for additional luggage space. This was done as an experiment.