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March Meet the Maker

  • 5 March 2020

Introducing March Meet the Maker

Supperclub.tube is fast approaching it’s 2nd birthday and it’s about time we introduce you to the team that keep supperclub.tube running!

Meet Rodrigo

Q. How did you start working at supperclub.tube?

A. Beatriz and I worked together at the new opening of Corazon London for about one and a half years sharing the same section. She used to tell me about her project to go back to supper club events and show to me pictures of few of them. After six months she called me asking if I would be interested to help her and with great joy I accepted her offer. Glad to make part of the team!

Q. Where did you train and how many years have you been in the industry?

A. I’ve learnt to cook in Italy with chef Chiara Brodasca in 2006 and stayed in the industry for three and a half years taking a break to explore different areas. Now, I’ve been back in London since the Olympics in 2012.

Q. What is your favourite dish to cook?

A. It’s difficult to choose a single dish that’s my favourite. I would say a good attention to choose the best products, dedication during the prep, good technique and simplicity when choosing the right flavours is what make the right dish to me. But I love to use the grill to cook because it requires a lot of attention and the fire helps to build up unique flavours.

Q. What is your favourite dish on the current menu?

A. Chef Bea has a unique way to surprise me with any of her dishes but on this menu I have to exalt the quinoa with squash. Made with a miso glaze and white wine reduction is simply amazing! The reason is because dishes made with quinoa are frequently underestimated by the chefs. Thank you Chef Beatriz! I really love this dish!

Meet Marina

Q. How did you start working at supperclub.tube?

A. I am from Greece and I moved to London last year and started working at the supper club. I love supperclub.tube as it’s so special!

Q. Where did you study?

A. I studied tourism in college before moving to London. At the moment I don’t study in London but I’m learning a lot from chef Beatriz!

Q. What is your favourite dish to cook?

A. All the courses are amazing but my favourite dish to cook is the empanadas with chorizos! It’s amazing! Although I do love to prepare the first and second course of the menu. The Calabaza y Quinoa is so tasty and pretty and you can’t find it anywhere other than supperclub.tube!

Chef Beatriz

Meet our Head Chef Beatriz Maldonado Carreño (Bea)