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The Social Side of Supper Club

  • 19 December 2019

Have you ever wondered what the term supper club actually entails?... Don’t worry, we get it all the time!

Essentially, a supper club is a dining establishment that also functions as a social club. In some areas around the world, the term supper club has become associated with ‘underground restaurants’ or ‘pop-ups’ although, we have given the underground supper club a whole new meaning!

Supper clubs can be found in quirky locations such as our refurbished 1969 tube train which introduce the theme of an immersive dining experience. However, the best aspect of a supper club is always going to be the social side.

You will find it’s relatively normal to start the evening with a cocktail or glass of wine to break the ice of acquaintances before dining commences. We love the irony that comes with holding a social event on a tube train. A space that could well be classed as the national epitome of hostility where passengers keep themselves to themselves. Yet three nights a week it is transformed into a lively space where strangers ACTUALLY TALK about themselves, their jobs and their dogs… pretty much anything and everything!

At supperclub.tube you can expect to dine with like-minded passengers from all over the world while enjoying an incredible six-course meal catered for by our Head Chef Bea.

Overall, this quote from one of this year’s passengers sums it all up…

“For the first time ever on the underground, we were guaranteed a seat, the temperature was within the realms of humanity and people were actually speaking to each other.” — Food and Baker

9 strangers cheers-ing for an Instagram boomerang, 2019

9 strangers cheers-ing for an Instagram boomerang, 2019

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